SundaeSwap DAO Governance Process & Procedures

Decentralized Governance Process & Procedures

SundaeSwap DAO

The following Decentralized Governance Processes and Procedures (“Procedures”) are the improvement suggestion processes and procedures that apply to any vote of the SundaeSwap DAO Members (“Member”).

A. Voting Forums & Information Sources

The following sources and venues are adopted to provide Members with information regarding the SundaeSwap Protocol (“Protocol”), the SundaeSwap DAO, and discussions regarding SundaeSwap DAO proposals.

  1. SundaeSwap.Finance

The primary SundaeSwap website with information regarding the Protocol’s features, functions, investors, and partners.

  1. SundaeSwap Community

The official SundaeSwap Discord. There are various chat rooms and active members who are happy to help guide answers and drive solutions for the advancement of the Protocol.

  1. (the “Forum”)

The SundaeSwap DAO will initially use the Discourse platform as a formal venue for discussing Temperature Checks (preliminary improvement ideas), Proposals (built-out ideas with community interest), and uncategorized DAO discussions (regarding off-chain discussions of Protocol features such as website feedback).

  1. https://[URL] (the “Governance Portal”)

The location where a Member can create a Proposal following a successful Temperature Check.

B. Proposal Creation

The following sections detail the progressive steps that one or more Members must follow to present a new idea or suggestion to the SundaeSwap community for a vote. Moderators will be available to assist Members with the mechanics of governance under these Procedures.

Step 1: Temperature Check – created in the Forum

The Temperature Check is a way for one or more community members to share a proposed idea or suggestion and receive initial feedback from the community. One does not have to be a Member to create or participate in a Temperature Check.

Through community feedback and open discourse, the submitting community members can craft a more informed proposed idea or suggestion and thereafter submit it as a Proposal to be voted on by SundaeSwap DAO Members.

To create a Temperature Check, navigate to the Forum:

  1. Select “+ New Topic”

  2. Title Formatting: “Temperature Check #000 – [Title]”

  3. Please begin with the wording “Temperature Check” as well as the associated posting number for easier future reference, followed by a Title which may be a few words or a short sentence.

  4. Select “Temperature Check” from the category drop down menu.

  5. Description: Ask the community a general, non-biased question about a potential Protocol change (for example, “Should SundaeSwap add yield farming for XYZ token?”).

Please reach out to moderators, or other community members to ensure the delivery of a polished temperature check before submitting it through the Forum.

  1. Voting Poll Creation: Click [Cog Wheel Icon]

  2. Select “Build Poll”

  3. Select “Single Choice” voting.

  4. Enter two vote options via the “Add Option” selection. The first should be labeled as “For” and the second should be “Against”

  5. Additional vote options are available by selecting “Settings Wheel” followed by “Add More Details.” From here, the choices may be listed in greater detail (i.e., “10%,” “20%,” “50%,” etc.) Importantly, please maintain the “Against” choice, or else a moderator may remove the post.

  6. Select “+ Create Topic”, and the Temperature Check will be published to the Forum.

  7. Reach out to your personal network, social media network, and other Members to build support for your improvement suggestion. By actively participating in the Temperature Check discussion, and by being willing to respond to questions posted, you help further develop the ideas. Please share your reasoning, and remember that everyone’s objective is to further the philosophy and mission of the SundaeSwap Protocol. Please be respectful.

  8. The poll may be voted on 72 hours from when it is made. If the poll garners over 50% of votes “For” the idea, then the idea can be offered as a Governance Proposal as discussed below in Step 2. If the post fails to reach this threshold, then the post will remain archived for future SundaeSwap community members to learn about the discussion that took place and better understand the community’s reasoning. Please feel free to submit a revised version of a failed Temperature Check that addresses any issues raised by the community; ensure the title reflects that the new Temperature Check is a revised one completing the ‘Title’ field with the same title followed by a “v2, v3” etc.

Please do not submit Temperature Checks regarding support requests or off-topic conversations. This will help the moderation team maintain this forum’s health. Instead, direct these types of comments to the appropriate rooms in the SundaeSwap Discord server.

Step 2: Governance Proposal – created in the [Governance Portal Hyperlink]

A “Proposal” is an idea or suggestion that has received sufficient support in the Temperature Check, and that one or more Members now wish to submit for a formal governance vote. A Proposal must be materially identical to the successful Temperature Check, including the vote options. In order to submit a proposal, the connected wallet must have at least 10,000 SUNDAE.

The Governance Portal [hyperlink] allows users to create proposals. The Proposal’s information consists at a minimum of the Author (Cardano address), a Title, a Description, a list of choices, hyperlinks to the Forum discussion of the Temperature Check, hyperlinks to any material social media or Discord discussions, a ‘createdAt’ Cardano block, and a cryptographic signature from the private key of the ‘author’.

To be valid, a Proposal must: have a valid signature, and have the ‘createdAt’ be within 5 minutes of the server time (this prevents “replaying” of proposals with someone’s signature and maintains the accuracy of voteStart, voteEnd, and voteSnapshot). From here, the SundaeSwap Labs backend server will publish transaction-related information onto the Cardano blockchain in order to create an immutable record of the Proposal.

To create a Proposal, navigate to the [Governance Portal Hyperlink]:

  1. Connect your Wallet. Currently SundaeSwap governance functions with Eternl and Nami browser based wallet extensions.
  2. Select “Create Proposal”
  3. Format the title as “Governance Proposal #007 – [Title]”
  • Please use a Title which is a few very descriptive words or a short sentence.
  1. Describe in detail how the Proposal benefits or impacts the Protocol, Members, SundaeSwap participants, and/or Scoopers. The value of the Proposal should be easily understood. Additionally, as noted above, you must include a hyperlink to the coinciding Temperature Check discussion on the Forum.
  2. Please add a TL;DR of 3-5 sentences to summarize the purpose, implications, and what would be necessary to implement the idea.
  3. Ensure that the vote options are identical to the prior successful Temperature Check.
  4. Select “Submit New Proposal”. From here, the proposal will be available for comment for 3 (three) days, after which voting shall be open for 7 (seven) days.

Please ensure that the Proposal is polished, as you may not edit or delete the Proposal after submission.

C. General Procedural Information:

  1. Withdrawal: A Member may withdraw their Temperature Check at any point in time. However, a Proposal may not be withdrawn once submitted.
  2. Assistance and Enforcement: Moderators are available to assist Members with developing and submitting Temperature Checks and Proposals at any stage. Moderators also have the ability to remove Proposals that do not conform to these procedures (such as not correctly reflecting the prior Temperature Check or having false or misleading information).
  3. Failure to Conform to Procedures: Any Member who repeatedly utilizes the Forum, or [Governance Portal] for ideas or suggestions that don’t meet these Procedural requirements may be temporarily or permanently banned by the Moderators from creating additional Temperature Checks or Proposals and/or accessing the Forum and [Governance Portal].
  4. Editing: Proposals submitted through the [Governance Portal] may not be edited once they are submitted; however, Temperature Checks may be edited. Any edits should include a timestamp, the reasoning, and the prior text to maximize transparency.

D. Proposal Votes

Members may vote on a Proposal by linking a wallet containing [Minimum Amount/ 2,000] SUNDAE to the Governance Portal and following the instructions.

Once voting has started, information regarding the status of the vote will be available on the Governance Portal. The votes and voting results will be verifiable on the Cardano blockchain.

E. Moderator Roles & Obligations

  1. Moderator Selection:

Moderators will be selected by a vote of the Members. The number of Moderators will be three; the number of Moderators can be changed by a vote of the Members. Each Moderator will provide a Cardano wallet address and will be listed publicly as a confirmed SundaeSwap DAO Moderator. Each Moderator will have a one-year term; however, the initial three Moderators will have terms of 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months, respectively, so that in the future there are always incumbent Moderators available to help newly-selected Moderators assimilate into the role.

  1. Moderator Duties:

a. To be a fair and neutral administrator of the SundaeSwap governance process to help support the growth, reliability, and trustworthiness of the Protocol. Unless stated otherwise, all Moderator actions should be collectively decided and agreed on by at least two-thirds of all Moderators.

b. Be the primary source for information regarding the SundaeSwap Governance, including these Procedures, within the Forum and fulfill the Moderator duties set out in these Procedures.

c. Communicate with Members pursuing a Temperature Check or Proposal at each stage in the process to assist them in complying with these Procedures. Promptly review all Temperature Checks or Proposals and communicate to the sponsoring Member(s) and/or the Indigo community regarding any elements that do not or may not comply with these Procedures.

d. Enforce these Procedures and Forum discourse guidelines, including the discipline of users violating Forum guidelines and removal of Proposals which do not conform with these Procedures.

e. Moderate the SundaeSwap governance channel(s) in communication applications (e.g., Forum and Discord), communicate regarding governance matters and Proposals on social media applications.

f. Support the Protocol as requested to implement any successful Proposal or otherwise.

An overall objective for all Moderator duties is to create a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages participation and supports improvement of the Protocol as communicated by the community, while also ensuring that the governance process functions in accordance with these Procedures and any laws that may apply.

G. Definitions

The following capitalized terms are defined as follows:

Member: a person or entity that (a) holds the private keys controlling any SUNDAE token; (b) seeks to contribute to, build on, or use the services of SundaeSwap DAO, and (c) is willing to accept the responsibilities and terms of the these Procedures and the SundaeSwap governance structure.

Voting Period: The period in which Members can vote on a Proposal.

Execution Delay: A period (defined by a Protocol parameter) before executing a passed Proposal.

Vote: Placing a vote through the Governance Contract on an open Proposal. The signer must have SUNDAE in a connected wallet to vote, and must provide a digital signature key. Votes may be changed or withdrawn up to 12 hours before the end of the voting period.