Proposal for a Sundae Governance Moderator Group

As activity on the Sundae governance forum increases, it will be important to carefully moderate the discussions. We would like to solicit nominations (and put forth our own) for a small group of moderators that have the following powers and responsibilities:

  • Review each newly posted thread on the governance forum to ensure it is classified correctly
    • For example, a feature request or suggestion with no actionable details may have been mis-classified as a temperature check, and is more appropriately classified as a discussion
  • Recategorize threads under the appropriate category when necessary
  • Reply to posts that don’t follow the ratified governance procedures with guidance on how to correct the error
  • Encourage and foster healthy discussion on proposals
  • Promote and market ongoing proposals receiving low engagement across platforms
  • Mute, close, or delete threads that are flagrantly offensive, malicious, spammy, etc.
  • Flag proposals in the governance portal that didn’t follow the ratified procedures
    • As a check and balance against censorship, these proposals will still be accessible and able to be voted on, but won’t appear immediately on the governance landing page
  • Be available as a resource to answer questions regarding governance processes and procedures.

The DAO may update these roles and responsibilities, or the membership of the moderator team at any time, via a governance proposal.

SundaeSwap Labs suggest the following inaugural governance moderators. Each of these individuals have demonstrated their competence, level-headedness, and commitment to the SundaeSwap protocol over the last year:

  • D&D (formerly Drink&Drive)
  • Mr.Keyz
  • $conrad

We also propose that, in exchange for their time and efforts in this moderation role, each elected moderator should receive from the DAO Treasury a small stipend of 15000 SUNDAE per quarter per moderator.

Please vote in the poll below if you would like to see this called to a vote on the SundaeSwap Governance Portal.

  • Interested
  • Uninterested

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Love this proposal! As on chain voting increases and more traffic comes to the forum it is imperative that qualified Governance Moderators are in place to help the community with being active participants in the forum/on chain. As the Governance Moderator for Indigo Protocol I can attest that it’s an amazing role and is integral for keeping participation consistent and informed.


Just be sure to have time to dedicate to being active and up to date on all things crypto and of course Sundae.


This proposal is live for voting here:

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Closing this, as it passed it’s on-chain vote.