Create a Temperature Check Guide

In protocol governance, there are generally multiple stages to a proposal being executed. The temperature check is generally used to determine if there is an appropriate level of interest to propose upgrades to the protocol or introduce other features.

To create a Temperature Check:

  1. Ask a general, non-biased question to the community about a potential change (example: “Should SundaeSwap governance add liquidity mining for XYZ token?”). Forum posts should be labeled as follows: “Temperature Check - [Your Title Here]”.

  2. Create a single choice poll in your Discourse topic post asking if the community is interest in such. Voting on temperature checks are active for 72 hours from the date and time they are posted.

Congratulations! :tada: :confetti_ball: You’ve created your temperature check! Sit back and see how it plays out, or engage with the DAO and see how you can bring your idea to life.