Proposal for SundaeSwap DAO Voting Procedures

To allow the community to effectively propose changes for the SundaeSwap DAO, guidelines need to be followed when submitting Temperature Checks and Proposals. This Forum Topic introduces the proposed Decentralized Governance Processes and Procedures document (the “Procedures”) as a Temperature Check, which is the first phase outlined in these Procedures.

Each section of the Procedures, which includes Proposal Creation, General Procedures applicable to all Proposals, Moderator Roles and Obligations, and Definitions, are required to develop, manage, and organize the future SundaeSwap DAO community. Future DAO participants should become familiar with these Procedures to ensure that the DAO operates efficiently and transparently.

Attached is the Procedures document being proposed to ratify. If these Procedures are approved by the community during the Temperature Check, it is later intended that the Procedures will be formally and verifiably adopted (as per the Procedures) by the SundaeSwap DAO on the Cardano blockchain.

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Only 13 votes…am I in the right place???


It was not made clear in the announcement that people need to submit their vote.
Background, history, guidelines etc with no mention of needing to vote.
Only one sentence barely mentions that this is ‘The first Forum Temp Check introduces the proposed Governance Procedures document as a Temperature Check.’

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Based on feedback through other channels, we’ve made the following mostly aesthetic changes to the document:

  • The minimum number of “interested” votes was inadvertently left blank; we’ve set it at 20, but as with all details, this can be updated via governance.

  • We’ve removed the requirement to label temperature checks or proposals with a numbering scheme;

    • Temperature checks can be discussed for varying lengths of time, and may be brought to a vote in a different order
    • Our UI can label proposals in order more consistently than asking users to do it
  • We added a mention that votes will start immediately, and run for 15 days, which wasn’t explicitly stated anywhere in the document.

I’ve attached the revised (and hopefully final) version of this document for completeness.

SundaeSwap Decentralized Governance Process and Procedures - revision 2 - 02-01-2023.pdf (75.8 KB)

With 22 interested voters, our plan is to create the proposal tomorrow, so you have until then to provide any other feedback on this process that you’d like to!


This proposal has passed with an overwhelming majority.

Locking this temperature check from future discussion.