Welcome to SundaeSwap's Governance Forum!

Welcome to the SundaeSwap Governance Forum! Before entering this sweet wonderland, there are a few things you should know:

Posts & replies with low analysis/information content will be severely moderated. Only comment if you’re adding a well-considered, new concept or idea. To signal agreement or consensus with an existing post/reply, throw it a :heart: instead to avoid cluttering the thread. This public forum is for calculated and thoughtful long-term discussion.

Please read the forum rules and FAQ! They include a great deal of guidance for how to be a productive community member in SundaeSwap governance processes.

Please keep all posts in English. We welcome discussion on SundaeSwap in other languages (e.g. the SundaeSwap Discord) but we don’t currently have the capacity to handle multi-language support here (if this is something you’d like to help with, please reach out to us).

Enjoy your time here and have fun,

Governance Forum Team

Please note: In order to avoid spam, inappropriate posts, or proposals that do not follow the guidelines, some submissions will be filtered. Some proposals may not be implemented immediately. Since this is a primitive and interim governance solution, proposals may need to go through the SundaeSwap governance portal once it’s available. At least 300 votes must be made for the proposal to be executed or defeated, 75% of the votes must be “For” for execution. Proposals involving significant protocol parameter changes must also go through the SundaeSwap Governance Interface once available. If a submission with a significant protocol upgrade is proposed and is executed, it will be considered as a temperature check, so please post your idea in that category. It’s encouraged to wait for the SundaeSwap Governance Interface to make proposals with significant protocol changes or enhancements, as the DAO must consider the weight of each vote—something that is not possible at the moment on Discourse. Once the SundaeSwap Governance Interface is available, all future proposals in this category will be treated as temperature checks.