Welcome to SundaeSwap's Governance Forum!

Welcome to the SundaeSwap Governance Forum!

The Forum exists to facilitate community discussion on a wide variety of topics, including proposals to improve the SundaeSwap protocol, new feature implementations, changes to community governance, etc. This Forum is part of our evolution to a fully on-chain and fully decentralized structure under the Agora open-source governance protocol.

To avoid spam, inappropriate posts, and posts that do not follow the guidelines, please read through the following Procedures.

Please note that the Forum Moderators are available to assist you. Moderators will also help by “flagging” flagrant inappropriate posts and enforcing the Procedures and the community guidelines. . Please, ensure that what you are posting is novel by scanning the archived and active proposals regarding the status of various ideas before posting your own to avoid clutter.

Other questions? Look into [Procedures], [Discord Hyperlink], [FAQ].