Reduce required voting time for some proposals


As initially conceived, the Sundae governance procedures initially call for a 15 day voting window. This is because the Sundae DAO had been largely dormant since our launch, and we anticipated it would take some time to wake up and activate that voting power and get sufficient turnout to demonstrate consensus among the SUNDAE token holders.

However, with recent governance votes we’ve seen participation from hundreds of users, and 10s of millions of SUNDAE. Additionally, the number of proposals is increasing, and many members of the DAO have expressed the desire for the DAO to be more nimble in it’s reactiveness to adopt changes.


We propose changing the governance procedures to allow different durations, depending on the nature of the vote. Each temperature check should include a prominent indication of how many days it will be put to a vote for, subject to the following categorization:

  • Protocol updates, changes to the voting procedures, or new treasury expenditures must be voted on for at least 15 days
  • Tweaking parameters for an existing system must be voted on for at least 5 days
  • Statements of intent, significant updates to the user interface, or non-binding proposals must be voted on for at least 3 days

An on-chain vote that doesn’t adhere to these restrictions will be considered non-binding, and may be hidden from the voting portal at the discretion of the elected Governance Moderators.


We believe the above makes a trade-off between nimbleness and security. If this temperature check passes, we will furnish an updated copy of the full voting procedures to be included with the on-chain vote.

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