Scooper Application (HAPPY Staking 🥳)

Hello everyone,

My name is Leon and I’m the SPO of HAPPY Staking :partying_face:

Recently it came to my attention (thank you Pi and Giovanni) that there are open spots for running a Sundae Scooper. I’d be interested in taking one of the open spots, if agreed by the Sundae community.

A little background information about myself:
I have a bachelors degree in computer science and many years of experience in web development and Linux. I’ve been operating the pool for more than a year now and it’s work that I love doing. Besides the pool I also operate a Spectrum batcher, a Rosen Bridge watcher and an Iagon storage node.

Since I am quite new here, I’d be thankful for any tips about creating the temperature check and the actual proposal.


Hey Happy, Welcome!

Apologies for not replying immediately, been very heads down to get Sundae v3 launched, so I’m working on catching up on a lot of things today. Happy to see more SPOs applying to be scoopers!

Here were the Criteria I presented as my personal guiding light for what makes a good choice of scooper:

I don’t have any reason to believe you don’t meet those criteria (I believe you do), but I figured I’d invite you to comment on how that relates to your background / journey / desire to be a scooper.

As for creating a temperature check, the main thing is to look at existing temperature checks for a template, and make sure to include a poll with only one option, “Interested”; It’s not a yes/no vote, it’s just to see if it passes the “spam filter” sniff test and is worth asking for peoples time for a SUNDAE backed vote.

Hello Pi and thanks for your response.

Let me dive right in and address you points:

  1. My Twitter/X account is @happystaking on which you’ll find a public record of my posts and replies. I always try and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Even in case of a disagreement I think it’s important to always try and understand the other side and remain respectful.

  2. Tech-wise I am always learning and I apply best practises wherever I see fit. I have been operating the pool for more than a year now and in that time I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experience; not only in running a stake pool, but also with running a batcher and setting up other services. Whenever I find that things can be improved, I take the time to make those improvements even if it sometimes means to start with a clean slate.

  3. My application comes with the understanding that I’ll become an advocate for Sundae which is absolutely fine! As I get to know more and learn about Sundae I’ll definitely go about and mention Sundae’s USP’s. Furthermore I am not someone who goes on X and talks trash about competing projects or protocols, I’m just not this kind of person.

Hopefully this gives you some more insights about myself. Feel free to scroll though my X profile or take a look at my website to learn more. I’ve also joined your Discord where I’ll make some posts and try to get support for the Temperature Check which I can hopefully post this week.



Hey Leon!

Great to see you here and best of luck w/ your application!

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