Scooper Application


This is Giovanni EASY1 Stake Pool Operator.

I would be interested in becoming a Scooper for Sundae Swap.

As per tweet it looks like there are about 9 available spot, so, if the community agrees, I would be happy to take the spot of someone who has since left.

I bring a wealth of offchain batch execution experience:

  1. I’m one of the two top liquidation bot operator at liqwid finance
  2. I’ve successfully run for months spectrum finance and teddy swap bot (very similar to the sundae swap scooper)
  3. I have rewritten in jave the spectrum finance swap bot by studying the plutarch code, and while the performances of my bot are still far from the top dogs performances, my bot manages to sneak a few swaps here and there.
  4. I run multiple geolocated cardano relay nodes

Beside running a bot, in preparation to the next version of Sundae Swap, I’ll be happy to contribute to helping and testing improvements to the bot.

NOTE: Where can I read more about the rules/T&C about being a scooper?


Hi @Giovanni, Welcome!

We haven’t really had an application for scooper before, beyond the initial election, so we’re kind of breaking new ground here, and don’t have a template for how it should go beyond the normal governance procedures :slight_smile:

I think the next best steps are to engage with the Sundae Community (I’ve cross-posted this in our governance chat in Discord), and with the scoopers (I’ve also shared it with them), and answer any questions they have.

Ultimately it’s the DAOs decision, but in my mind, there are three key criteria that I value in a scooper for the Sundae protocol. Nothing in this list is to say you don’t meet these criteria, I think you fit them all well, but just to enumerate them:

  • A public history / track record of strong moral character; One of the trade-offs made in the design was to make scoopers permissioned in order to ensure a “first-come, first-served” execution model which is difficult to guarantee on chain. Thus, while the scope for abuse is fairly limited, I personally have a high standard for the ethical grounding of any scoopers I’d vote for.
  • A strong technical background; Running a scooper efficiently is a challenging technical task, and requires quite an investment of effort. It’s also not the most lucrative thing in the world, being a scooper, just a fair warning :sweat_smile:
  • A willingness to represent and advocate for Sundae, but not at the expense of other protocols; Obviously what each person does and says is their own business, but I really love and value the stance of cooper-tition that Sundae has managed to establish. As a scooper, you become somewhat of a representative for the protocol, and I personally wouldn’t vote for someone who was just going to shit-talk any competing protocols because they now had a vested in terested in Sundae. :sweat_smile:

After that, if you feel you’ve done enough “campaigning” to win over some votes, you can create a temperature check. This is basically a spam prevention measure: are there 20 people who are interested in voting (not neccesarily voting yes, just voting in general) on your proposal.

Once you receive those 20 “signatures” (via a poll on this forum in the Temperature Check category), I can show you how to create a proposal on the Sundae governance forum!

Finally, this is unrelated to your application, but there are some great governance discussions ongoing now around fees and budgets that you may want to take part in :slight_smile:



I am new on the forum and more or less discovering governance.
You track record seems to prove you are skilled. The only idea that someone can apply to be a scooper and that is left to vote sounds awesome to me.
Extra scooper sounds like a good and since you apply I guess you are interested to advocate for Sundae. So I would encourgae you to open the temperature check.
Please make it known on Discord when you do. I am afraid I am far from being the only one who mainly goes there instead of governance forum (I know bad me…).
Have a great day / evening

Kind regards

Thank you both!

Sorry for the delay in replying! Weekends are very busy!

There should be no problem for point (a) and (b).

  • I’ve been an active member of the cardano community since 2020, became SPO in October. My twitter account is @cryptojoe101, and while I have had several disagreements on a number of topics, I think I always respectfully argued my positions w/o being offensive.
  • As mentioned there should be no problem for the tech aspect either. I expect an initial steep learning curve, but I also have many months of experience w/ most of the cardano services (kupo, ogmios, db sync etc).
  • WRT to point three that’s absolutely fine. You can see my public twitter interactions about Spectrum in teh past where I was highlighting their unique selling points. As I get more familiar with Sundae tech stack and designs, I will be happy to share my opinions and ideas based on months of experience using almost all the cardano dexes, and obviously advocating for Sundae for their strong selling points!

Also, if useful, I can name a couple of people that could be my “references” :smile:

I’ve just joined the Sundae discord server and will take a look around!

Thank you both for taking the time to reply!


Here’s my unsolicited reference … Hi @Giovanni!

Regarding Gio’s technical background, as part of a Catalyst Swarm funded proposal, we commissioned Gio to build a proof of concept ecosystem map using Neo4j. He delivered the code rapidly and was really supportive during and after completion, so I can happily vouch for his technical abilities, work ethic and collaborative approach.
Prior to that we had crossed paths in the early days of the Dandelion infrastructure effort birthed out of Gimbalabs, and know that the principles of decentralisation are important to him.
It has been a pleasure getting to know him over the last few years, and his long presence around the Cardano ecosystem make him a string scooper candidate in my opinion.


Thanks for the endorsement!

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@Quantumplation I’m back from traveling, and whenever you’ve got time, I’d be happy to proceed w/ the proposal on the governance forum.

Very excited for the official application.

Thank you.


So, to create the onchain vote, you’ll go to

If you connect your wallet and have at least 10k SUNDAE, you can create a proposal.

It supports markdown formatting, and you can preview how it will look.

If you want to try first, you can try it out on If you can’t create a proposal there, paste your preview testnet address here, I may need to send you some of the dummy governance token we use.

Vote is now open