How to Incentivize Sundae Holders (2.5 ADA Fee for Hodlers Tweaking)

I believe that @Viddie9996 is onto something with the temperature check. Is there any way that we can improve upon the idea. Like perhaps a 2.5 ADA fee for transaction over 50 ADA or even a sliding scal between .5 ADA and 5 ADA depending on the size of the swap. 49> .5 ADA | 100> 1 ADA | 250> 2.5 ADA for example. Thoughts? Ideas?


100% agree, i anticipate sundae swap having to most traffic for the forsseable future

I suggest you take viddies proposal and just tone it down (like a lot)
For a small fee on every SS transaction

Paying people who ofc are “staking/farming sundae”

Or perhaps something along these lines for sure

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In the discussion of temperature check @ Viddie9996 there were some good suggestions… I dare for the fees not to go up… but if it is really necessary so I like the most% conversions, but the max upper limit 2.5 ADA

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Yeah… 2.5 is wild…

.05 .1 .3

When your talking every transaction is beyond satisfying to get the ball rolling.

Without it… the sundae token is 100000% worthless


i agree we will have a lot of traffic so no need to charge small swaps a 2.5 ada. already a 2.5 ada scooper fee we should have a sliding scale i like it. the cardano i imagined is for broke people like me ha. anyone have any idea how long a vote is up b4 it passes waiting 4 aada finance lq bonus b4 i put up lq to avoid some impermeant loss. im not to fimiliar with nft but maybe give nfts awat and the longer you stake it can be upgraded for a more rare one. thanks much ada fam

Didn’t I read somewhere that the Sundae token holder are supposed to get shares of the Sundaeswap profit? Is this idea ment to be that? Or just something temporary until the profit share is in place?

I think the share of profit that sundae holders can get is by either being a scooper or providing liquidity to the dex

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We need Sundae staking sooner rather than later. This will give the token massive utility. We can all discuss rewards that come from exchange and or scooper fees and what would be appropriate while keeping the Dex competitive.


Now that Min trades are only 2 ADA each SS needs to step up and do 1.5 ADA swaps. 0.75 to scoopers 0.75 to SS token liquidity providers and up to 50% off trades for SS token holders depending on how many they have in their wallet.

free sundae nft for lq providers and longer you provide the more rare you get

Just remember that the scale should not be subvertable by simply breaking up your transactions, but otherwise I’m onboard for this.

I don’t think that should be a concern because you’d still be paying the rest of the fees for the spo and cardano, any fees you might of saved from making smaller transactions would be offset by the fees you’d pay to the spo and network


Yes, all the costs involved make up the boundary.

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Let’s be clear, the proposal is “just give us more money”. I’m against.
EDIT: New products should stay as competitive as possible. We already have a scooper fee that was unexpected and raises cost of trades. Furthermore, people really don’t like to pay more than they used to, it is better to be expensive from beginning than raise price in progress. when scoopers will be no longer needed I would consider moving the scooper fees to DAO treasury, than voting on how to spend it. Still I would lower this fee to 1 ada max.

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The only issue with additional swap fees is the basic economics question: how much swap volume decrease would occur with increased fees in a competitive economic DEX marketplace? I tend to support this temp check since these fees would help LP’s offset some IL, but, basic economic theory usually wins out in the end.


Although i do think takados reply is a bit short-sited this is a dao not a 4chan chat board we should avoid insulting each other and remain in dialogue about the topic at hand

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Go there than :slight_smile: Maybe you can collect some begged money there, for doing nothing but opening your demanding mouth.

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I don’t think you understand the proposal, or why it is being discussed.

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This is the type of discussion we’re looking for, although I disagree with the overall view. Its well thought out and shared and opens up productive brainstorming! I do agree that its better to start expensive than to raise the price after the fact though.

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My understanding from what I read in the Discord chat, is that their legal team has nipped this idea in the bud. There will be no financial incentive for Sundae HODLers. This; according to information provided in Discord, would be akin to paying dividends. This would put Sundae Swap in the category of Security. Therefore, would bring about unwanted eyes of the regulators on the entire project. So in the meantime, until they figure out the “legalize”, we have token that can only be used for voting. I’m hoping someone from SS team corrects any errors I made in this post. BTW, when I said “voting” I meant not yet, rather at some point.

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