Giovanni, EASY1 Stake Pool - Scooper Application - Temperature Check


Sundae Swap Scoopers are responsible to ensure swaps on the SundaeSwap DEX are promptly processed on-chain.

A Scooper Operator is person with a technical background that manages both the Scooper Code and infrastructure (e.g. servers, cardano apis like ogmios) required to properly run a Scooper.

The initial team of 30 Scoopers was selected, IIRC about two years ago, when the SundaeSwap DEX protocol launched and while some Scoopers have stopped operating a bot, no new Operators were added to the team since its original creation.


I would like to apply to become a new member of the Scoopers’ team and bring my long experience as both Stake Pool Operator and Cardano DevOps Engineer to the Scooper team so to ensure swaps will continue to be promptly processed.

Additional information about my background and skills is available in this Dao discussion article

The options on the governance decision will be:

  • Vote Yes to allow Giovanni, EASY1 Stake Pool Operator, to become a Sundae Swap Scooper
  • Vote No to reject Giovanni’s application

Are you interested in voting in an on-chain governance vote about this application?

  • Interested
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EDIT: corrected number of original scoopers, from 20 to 30.


Voted yes.
There is no option btw or i cant see it,

The actual yes/no voting will be on-chain, here we’re only gauging if there is enough interesting in voting on-chain on an official governance vote. Hope it answers your questions!

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@Giovanni has been an invaluable asset to the Liqwid community for his work as a liquidation bot operator and also as a community member creating guides on how to be a bot operator.

Every interaction I’ve had with Gio gives me every confidence he would be an invaluable asset to sundae swap scooper team also!

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You have my vote! You are more than capable as you’ve demonstrated by working with multiple projects to enhance their (on|off)-chain infra :)))

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Thanks everyone, appreciate all the kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Vote is now open