Proposal - Add MNML incentives to MNML/ADA and SUNDAE/ADA pools

About the project: Moonimals

It is an NFT project based on Cardano that’s focused in bringing quality artworks to the space. We have two main collections that was sold-out instantly when the sales went live. A total of 5600+ NFTs have been minted by the project.


Dear SundaeSwap Community,

$MNML is the utility and official token of Moonimals, currently we are partnering with DripDropz for our first holders distribution but we also made it available for everyone to claim that’s using their platform.

We would like to propose that $MNML yield farm be established on SundaeSwap so that $MNML supporters can farm $MNML tokens. We also intend to provide $MNML incentives to SUNDAE/ADA pool.

Pool Info:

We plan to dedicate 3% of supply or 3,780,000 MNML for the period of 3 months which equals to 42k daily emission for MNML/ADA yield farming and can be harvested monthly. Same amount of MNML will be distributed to SUNDAE/ADA pair. A total of 6% of MNML supply will be incentivized to MNML/ADA and SUNDAE/ADA pools. 2% of supply for MNML Liq. Pool.

To know more about us, kindly go to our website:

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This a great way to incentivize the hodlers that are supporters of the project… Moonimals is such a great nft project and has a good community. Lets support the CNFT space… lets support MNML


great project with potential


This is a great way to incentivize SUNDAE holders to provide liquidity into the SUNDAE/ADA pool and to Farm rewards without further inflating the available SUNDAE supply. Please keep allowing us to Farm different tokens via the SUNDAE/ADA pool!


when will exactly something happen? its been a long time, how many votes we should collect for proposal to come through? :slight_smile:


It’s January 2023 and I don’t see any rewards on my SUNDAE/ADA liquidity pool