Add Wolf incentives for Wolf/ADA pool on SundaeSwap

Wolf Project aims to establish strong liquidity between our native token and $ADA . We would like to collaborate with SundaeSwap by providing a $WOLF/$ADA pool with rewards given to participants as a way to incentivize our holders to become SundaeSwap and global Cardano ecosystem users.

Pool information: Pool $WOLF-$ADA
We want to dedicate || || $WOLF for a period of twelve (12) months in farming rewards. At a rate of ||1/12 ||each month.

$Wolf is the #1 Cardano Metaverse MEME with a great future. Our goal is to create a big and active community of #mememillionaires. The wolf pack has its own WOLF SALOON, an exclusive WOLF YACHT CLUB and is developing a WOLF P2E CARD GAME.
$WOLF is the first Wolf meme theme token on the Cardano blockchain. He started as a joke but quickly gained popularity within the Cardano community.

The Cardano Blockchain has one of the lowest transaction fee costs than Eth, and it is energy efficiency due to its Proof of Stake consensus algorithm compared to the Proof of Work meme coins on the Eth blockchain that have high transaction fees and high energy usage that is damaging to the environment. The Cardano Blockchain provides the $Wolf with a technology that is environmentally friendly.

The Wolf Cardano pack is already supporting charitable pools with a $WOLF Benefit Program to attract more pool delegators.

In addition, the Wolfs Pack secures a 7% share of the circulating WOLF token for charitable purposes. We don’t want to commit ourselves to one project right now. The wolf pack will vote on which charitable projects will be supported in due course.

Follow the Wolf Pack and do good!

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We need to establish cardano wolfpack, big vote for our friends.


Thanks in advance for your VOTE and SUPPORT


Good project! I trust Wolf project.


Definitely a vote For – this would be great!


Voted. Looking forward to the scaling of Wolf.


I need some info on how to stake my ADA in a pool. As of now I have a large amount of ADA just sitting in my ledger. If anyone can point me in the right direction on where I can read up on how to do this id appreciate it.

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is Wolf a meme (i.e. useless) coin?

Lets go $Wolf. Voted.


would be a good reason to switch my LPs from another known dex. Cheers