Proposal 009: Add NMKR incentives for NMKR/ADA pool on SundaeSwap.

Dear Sundae community,

after our successful ICO (roughly 2.4 Million $ raised) and our next Funding round starting today, we are planning to open a liquidity pool on SundaeSwap.

To make this liquidity pool as attractive to NMKR holders as possible, we would love to partner with the Sundae community and offer additional NMKR rewards for participants.

We are planning to start exclusively with a pool on SundaeSwap, to make this a fair deal between NMKR and the Sundae community.

Proposal: Add NMKR incentives to the ADA/NMKR liquidity pool

NMKR holders will have a lot to gain from NFT-MAKER’s upcoming liquidity pool on SundaeSwap. We hope that by providing this additional incentive to just SUNDAE alone, we can help SundaeSwap grow its community and ecosystem. In addition, we believe that this will also increase the adoption of Cardano among NMKR holders. We look forward to working with SundaeSwap and its community to help grow the Cardano ecosystem.

Pool Information

We plan to dedicate 50 Million NMKR for the period of 3 months for liquidity mining incentives on NMKR/ADA pool. That equals to 0.5% of the total supply of NMKR.


Our NMKR tokens aim to solve issues around artist verification on the NFT-Marketplace for fraud prevention as well as a governance function to include the community-driven process in the development of the NFT-MAKER ecosystem.

The NMKR token is a utility token that can interact with NFTs, earn rewards, and verify projects. It also helps prevent fraud to ensure the safety and authenticity of NFT projects. The self-governing community will have voting rights that allow them to take control over what happens within the NFT-MAKER ecosystem and make decisions democratically.

Over the past 1 year, using our NFT-MAKER’s products, a lot more users were able to access and use NFTs on Cardano. This has resulted in NFT-MAKER minting over 20% of all NFTs created on Cardano.

Learn more about NFT-MAKER here: NFT-MAKER.IO

Requesting your support!

NFT-MAKER envisions eventually making the ecosystem blockchain agnostic and bridging blockchain technology together with the Cardano native NMKR token as a critical tool to allow users to interact with NFTs easily, making the NFT-MAKER ecosystem a better place for everyone.

In the immediate future, through the help of the utility pool on SundaeSwap, we are joining the Cardano ecosystem with NMKR and inviting the SundaeSwap community’s support to provide a liquidity farming pool of NMKR tokens.

This effort will also help bring users from other chains to become aware of the Cardano blockchain and the SundaeSwap ecosystem by allowing them to use their NFTs in a much sought-after decentralized method. Cardano will continue to remain NFT-MAKER’s focus and even in the long-term. We believe that this could support the adoption of the Cardano network and increase engagement on the blockchain.

We hope that you will consider supporting us in this endeavour. Thank you!

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any reward for who user has hold token infuture?

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NMKR for the win! Looking forward to this. Good luck all!


Let’s go NMKR! A proven product on Cardano with long term plans.


Bullish on NMKR!!!


I just ask, that someone please fix the seaplanes issue, haha. I’m kidding, you guys are great, i know it’s rough out there still, and I’m glad you guys are continuing to bring us all into the future of content creation and digital rights management. Keep up the good work!

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yes from my side.NMKR tokens should be a part of liquidity pools