Proposal to add SNEK incentives to the ADA/SNEK liquidity pool

SNEK holders will soon have the ability to earn SNEK rewards by providing liquidity in the SNEK/ADA pool. We hope that by providing this additional incentive, we can boost the amount of liquidity which will result in a lower price impact for anyone looking to swap on the pair. We look forward to working with SundaeSwap and its community to help grow the Cardano ecosystem further.

Pool Information

We plan to dedicate 153,431,760 SNEK for the period of 180 days for liquidity mining incentives on the SNEK/ADA pool. That equals to 0.2% of the total supply of SNEK.

This is to get the ball rolling early, until v2 yield farming begins.

What is SNEK?

SNEK aims to be the chillest meme coin on Cardano with a fair distributed launch including 0% of the supply set aside to the team and a high circulating supply/low emissions right from the start. With a goal to unite communities across Cardano and onboard new users from outside chains.

The token is a meme coin based off one of the traits from the Magic Kongs collection. At the time of creating this proposal, the amount of SNEK holders is currently 16,028. It is also the most traded Cardano Native Asset in terms of total volume all-time.

A brief on the tokenomics can be found below:

50% - Presale
40% - Initial Liquidity
5% - Future Utility
3% - Reserved for CEX listing requirements, future developments, expansion
2% - Airdrops for contests, memes, community events

We hope that you will consider supporting us in this. Thank you!

  • Yes, add SNEK farm incentives
  • No, against this proposal

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If the community wants more SNEK rewards on SS, you know what to do ! :wink: :writing_hand:


Do your duty $SNEKs and VOTE THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!:fire:


That’s a yes from me $SNEK IN :snake:


Yesssssssss. Wonderful concept. Thunbsss up.:+1:t3:


Let the community receive more $SNEK! It’s never enough!! :wink:


Absolutely! One of my biggest suggestions to the SNEK community has been to load balance their LP across more than one DEX. I saw first hand how much better the user experience was when its LP was closer to 50/50 between Sundae and Min. Especially around higher volumes. Having a farm here with Sundae will help grow that incentive for a healthier, load balanced experience holding and trading SNEK.