Should the community be better informed about how ‘scoopers’ work?

I would like to get a temperature check without the community about scoopers.

To avoid any doubts in my viewpoint. I highly value the ‘scoopers’. I think they add massive value to the protocol (obvious, but I wanted to make my feelings clear). I also think they are doing a great job in facilitating trades on the platform.

That being said, I’d like to understand from the community whether you feel you have sufficient information regarding ‘scoopers’ and how they work to inform your ability to govern the platform to the best of your ability?

Would you like more information such as:
How scoopers work
How they are financed / margins etc.
Current expectations regarding the future of scoopers.
Views from scoopers about how they feel they are operating / being compensated.

Thanks for your time and views :+1:

  • Yes, require more info.
  • No, I think we have enough

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