Create a Proposal Guide

Thank you for your interest in creating a proposal! Here, a general outline will be provided to creating a proposal and vote. :ballot_box: :ballot_box_with_check: :inbox_tray:

Please follow this outline stricly!

1. Title: Here, please describe in a few words or a short sentence what your proposal is and include what number governance proposal this proposal is by using the following format: e.g. “Governance Proposal 001 - Add feature XYZ for a v2 protocol”

2. Description: Describe your proposal in detail. Your proposal should outline how it benefits the protocol, the protocol participants, and scoopers (if applicable). The value in your proposal should be easily understood by reading the description.

3. Summary: Since many don’t have time to read through entire proposals, providing a short paragraph of 3 to 5 sentences of your proposal would be very useful. Think of this as a TL;DR.

Now that you’ve written up your proposal, it’s time to set up the voting poll.

  1. First, click on the “cog”/settings wheel located in the bar above. You can find the settings wheel in the same row as options to bold and italicize text.

  1. Once selected, click “Build Poll”. A pop-up will appear.

  2. In the pop-up, select “Single Choice” voting. Then enter two options by clicking on “Add Option”. For your two options, one should be “For” and the other should be “Against”. Then, click “Insert Poll”

Complete the poll pop-up as follows:

  1. Optional: If you would like to customize the poll beyond voting options, you can click the settings wheel in the pop up and add more details. This step is optional.

Voting is active 72 hours after the proposal has been made. Votes after the 72 hour period will not count. This 72 hour period applies to all proposals to keep this interim governance process as fair as possible.

Congratulations! You have created your SundaeSwap Protocol governance proposal! Again, this process is temporary and an interim solution. SundaeSwap Labs will provide a more formal and simpler avenue for proposal creation in the coming weeks. After the HFC Event, SundaeSwap protocol will support full on-chain governance features provided by Liqwid Labs. :tada: :confetti_ball:

Please note: In order to avoid spam, inappropriate posts, or proposals that do not follow the guidelines, some submissions will be filtered. Some proposals may not be implemented immediately. Since this is a primitive and interim governance solution, proposals may need to go through the SundaeSwap governance portal once it’s available. At least 300 votes must be made for the proposal to be executed or defeated, 75% of the votes must be “For” or “Against” to reach quorum. Proposals involving significant protocol parameter changes must also go through the SundaeSwap Governance Interface once available. If a submission with a significant protocol upgrade is proposed and is executed, it will be considered as a temperature check, so please post your idea in that category. It’s encouraged to wait for the SundaeSwap Governance Interface to make proposals with significant protocol changes or enhancements, as the DAO must consider the weight of each vote—something that is not possible at the moment on Discourse, this is why soft governance will primarily take place on Discourse. Once the SundaeSwap Governance Interface is available, all future proposals in this category will be treated as temperature checks.