Proposal 007: Add NIOX incentives for NIOX/ADA pool on SundaeSwap.

Dear SUNDAE community,

Autonio foundation wants to provide a higher incentive to bootstrap liquidity to Cardano pools on SundaeSwap and its ecosystem. We would like to collaborate with SundaeSwap by providing a NIOX/ADA pool with rewards given to participants as a way to incentivize our holders to become a Cardano ecosystem users.


Pool information: Pool NIOX-ADA

We want to dedicate 540,000 NIOX for the period of 3 months for liquidity mining incentives on NIOX/ADA pool.

Why Autonio foundation?

Autonio Foundation is a decentralised autonomous organisation built around developing accessible, easy to use and affordable trading tools. These tools make it easier for crypto traders to conduct trading analysis, deploy trading algorithms, exchange crypto currencies, sell their strategies and pool funds for trading purposes, all with profitability, security and ease.

We need your help!

Autonio’s goal is to make our project multichain and bridge blockchain technology together and provide users of all skills levels to enter the crypto space easily, making it better for everyone. Through the help of Catalyst Fund 7 we are joining the Cardano ecosystem with our Smartdex and need the help of the SUNDAEswap community to provide a liquidity farming pool of our native token NIOX and ADA. This will help bring users from other chains who hold NIOX to the Cardano and SundaeSwap ecosystem as well as introduce the Cardano and SundaeSwap communities to Autonio’s token. Please check out our proposal on Catalyst Fund 8 for more information on our project and help us to join SundaeSwap with this liquidity farm.

See our Catalyst proposal here: Liquidity aggregator for cardano (Fund 7, Dapp & Integration received $50,000 grant) :
Fund 8 Dapp and integration: Community

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