Proposal 004 - Add CCCC incentives for CCCC/ADA pool

Fellow SUNDAE hodlers,
Cardano Community Charity Coin wants to reward our community members with higher incentives for providing liquidity

We propose to dedicate 100B of our tokens over 6 months as a reward for yield farming. This allocation averages to 4.16B CCCC tokens per week. Users can claim after a 30 day term.

Cardano Community Charity Coin is designed with long term growth, decentralized governance and especially making the world a better place for all. Expressive fees dissuades dumps and rewards holders while funding charities using blockchain to advance the world.

We need your help!
Part of our mission is to help advance blockchain technology to make the world better for everyone. We are looking for charities and projects to donate to. Anything from funding for replacing legacy voting systems with blockchain to feeding the hungry with verifiable records on chain. For example - We are all aware of how due to overhead We would like to form a Charity DAO, the first of its kind, that controls donations via the community and verifies funds allocated for charity actually get to the charity using supply chain and financial data.
See our Catalyst proposal here:
Project Catalyst Proposal

Obviously, starting out we will need to give directly to individual charities so please any need that is close to your heart please comment below or reach out via any method that works for you.
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For more information about CCCC, feel free to read our Whitepaper and visit our website.

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They helped my mother when I couldn’t.


Thank you for the submission. This is a great way to make a difference.


st. jude childrens hospital