LQ/ADA Liquidity pair

Hey everyone. Quick question. Iʻve been providing LP tokens via the LQ/ADA pool for a little over a month. The problem iʻm having is staking the LP tokens because it’s not giving me the option to claim them, even after meeting the 30-day requirement. Sundae Swap is connected to a Card wallet (not that it should matter). IDK… any direction is appreciated. Thank you.

I’m not sure we have this discussion in the right place, but I will try to answer. I have several assumptions, let me know if any are incorrect:

  1. You have your LP tokens staked.
  2. The 30 day period to claim has elapsed.
  3. When you try to claim you get an error.
  4. You are using a wallet that gives you a new address with every transaction.

If the above are all true, then you have a similar issue to what I had. Here is how I solved it:
I was using Eternl. Everything had worked well for me until March, when I had the above issues. One of my Eternl wallets was restored from Nami and was a single address only wallet, the other was one I made in Eternl (and allowed multiple addresses). In March the Nami restore wallet still worked, the second one behaved as you stated above.
After some testing I converted the Eternl native wallet to single address only. In Eternl there is a switch that says “single address” and after turning off collateral and checking single address only, I sent all of the ADA and tokens in the wallet to myself to reset the wallet. Once that arrived I sent a new transaction of 10 ADA to myself (for collateral), then re-checked collateral.
Once all that was done I went back and was able to harvest with no issues.
I hope this helps you troubleshoot. If your wallet does not have an option for single address only, then contact the wallet support team to see if that option is available.

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Hey, Thank you for your help.

  1. Iʻm still in the “Liquidity” section (providing liquidity for 30 days) and below it is the “Yield Farming” section. When I go to the “Liquidity” section and click “more”, the only choices I have are withdraw/deposit liquidity and swap LQ/ADA.
  2. Not the 30 day period to claim elapsed (because I haven’t been able to withdraw my LP tokens) but the liquidity I am providing needs to be in the liquidity pool for 30 days (for the LQ/ADA pair, I don’t know about other pools)
  3. I Never received an error of any kind on the Sundae Swap DEX or my CardWallet
  4. My CardWallet only shows the transactions from early March where I provided the LQ/ADA activities.

Hi, rewards from farming are available in tab ‘liquidity’, in section ‘Yield Farming Positions’, below ‘Liquidity’ section, with ‘harvest’ button. It is disabled until 30 day period of locking your LP passes. When You provide liquidity, you need to lock your liquidity in pool with button ‘Stake LP Tokens’. it is located in the bottom of liquidity position details, after clicking ‘more’. Do you see this button? did you use it to stake?

Thanks, Takado. So I have close to 30 million LP tokens (2.77% of the pool share) which I have had since March 5th after depositing liquidity. Fast forward to now and still no option to “harvest”.

seems like you didn’t stake it. you have to provide liquidity and then additionally stake it to farm.

IDK if this would help but there’s literally nothing more I can do.

your in the wrong pool for staking, LP Fee should equal 0.30%

Ok… Makes sense. Now when I go to remove the liquidity, im getting a message saying insufficient funds? Iʻm pretty sure I have enough in my connected wallet of ADA

I went back and looked at the other wallets you mentioned and Iʻm getting an error message because of insufficient funds?

If your error is due to insufficient funds, make sure you do this calculation: you should have 5-10 ADA in collateral + another 10 ADA to be safe for fees. Fees will not cost you 10 ADA, but making sure you have at least this much free (not locked in tokens) is important. The biggest use of ADA is to be deposited in with the transaction to come back out with your tokens (returned to you). Tokens need at least one ADA to move around with.
When I look at my Eternl interface I can see that of my ADA, I have 31 locked. 26 locked with tokens (to make sure they can move) and 5 locked for collateral.
If I am doing a transaction, I want to make sure I have another 5-10 ADA beyond what is locked to be able to pay for fees, etc.


Thank you for the direction everyone. The issue is all cleared up.