Proposal 003: Add LQ liquidity incentives to the LQ/ADA pool

Liqwid Finance Overview
Liqwid is a decentralized money market protocol for lending and borrowing Cardano native assets built in Plutus. Liqwid v1 products include trustless money markets as well as an end-to-end on-chain governance module for updating system parameters and managing treasury spending. Our team is on a mission to develop capital efficient lending products built on open DeFi infrastructure and accessible by anyone with a Cardano wallet. Liqwid Labs core development team has also completed multiple open source Plutus contributions and we’ll continue building the tooling required to lower the barrier to entry for new Haskell / Plutus dApp developers. Following the inclusion of LQ/ADA pool rewards in the initial SundaeSwap Yield Farming program, we have seen this trading pair grow to become the second largest on the DEX behind the SUNDAE/ADA pool. The addition of LQ/ADA liquidity mining rewards is a natural progression in our partnership.

The Liqwid-SundaeSwap partnership extends beyond general token support to include composable product development (leverage shorting products, oracle support) and the implementation of the Agora governance module developed by the Liqwid Labs core development team.

SundaeSwap grew to over $125m within one month of launch and the team has quickly established themselves as the premier DEX builders on Cardano. SundaeSwap is by far the most compelling DEX on Cardano for a LQ/ADA liquidity mining rewards program denominated in LQ. This program will drive increased liquidity to Liqwid and SundaeSwap, delivering strong value propositions to both communities.

Thanks to the current SUNDAE yield farming program LQ/ADA LP’s are directly engaged in SundaeSwap with many planning to participate in community governance/stake their tokens in SundaeSwap. Liqwid will provide 4% (840,000 LQ) of token supply for LQ/ADA pool liquidity mining rewards. Rewards may be harvested monthly and the distribution program will last for exactly six months.

Liqwid DAO Token
LQ is the DAO Token for Liqwid Finance which users will be able to stake within the protocol to gain voting power and earn a yield starting at mainnet launch. Everyone holding the LQ token is granted voting power and governance capabilities on active proposals. In addition to governance functionality LQ token holders may stake their tokens within the governance smart contract to earn a yield on tokens.

The LQ/ADA liquidity mining program is a general liquidity boosting event that represents sizable victories for both Liqwid and SundaeSwap communities. Additionally the steps for launching this program follows an open and inclusive governance process for both protocols.

Driving Increased Liquidity on SundaeSwap
Liquidity provision is a fundamental component of every DEX (and every DeFi protocol in general). The growth pace of SundaeSwap’s TVL in month one alone places the protocol on a solid trajectory to continue experiencing rapid growth in the months to come, especially with the launch of project specific liquidity mining programs.

LQ/ADA pool liquidity mining program terms
4% of LQ token supply (840,000 LQ) will be allocated to this program (so long as the proposal passes Liqwid community governance). 4,590 LQ will be distributed daily for a total program duration of six months. As stated above rewards will be harvestable monthly.

If successfully passed through Liqwid community governance the LQ/ADA liquidity mining program will start the same day Liqwid v1 is deployed on mainnet.

Including a LQ/ADA liquidity mining rewards program denominated in LQ will drive liquidity to SundaeSwap and prove to be mutually beneficial to both ecosystems in several ways. This program presents a strong opportunity to further bolster our solid partnership and drive additional TVL to the second largest pool on SundaeSwap as we look to kickoff joint product development in the coming months.

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I didn’t get the $LQ airdrop so I will only support AADA FINANCE which alias is delivering more stuff than you guys.


Don’t hate Accummulate.


wdym? you don’t need to have received the LQ airdrop to benefit from this. Anyone who is providing LP for ada/LQ on sundaeswap is just now gonna get further incentive to do so with rewards in LQ. i.e. anyone who has LQ can take advantage of this. right?


I’m all for it! I only have 2 LQ tokens so I wouldn’t get much but every little bit counts. Thanks LQ for the awesome proposal.


Proposal 003 Amendment : increase the length of the LQ Yield Farming program from 6 to 12 months.


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great idea! I’m all for it … do we have enough now to have crossed the magic 300 mark?

When does the voting close?

I second this amendment.

It seems to me a good proposal to reward the loyalty of the Lqwid community with the airdrop, as well as the people who bought the token.

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Totally in support of this proposal!


Will the amount of LQ tokens allocated also increase or just spread the same 840,000 over 12 months?


Yes same amount of tokens spread over 12 months

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This is a great idea and will drive excess of people towards Sundaeswap for the next 6 months. It will also teach more users about $LQ token and help prepare for their launch too

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I wish I could downvote this comment

Wow, why hate? You can still get some LQ if you want

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Thanks for the explanation.

Next time make sure to email projects you follow and let them know that (since the world revolves around you) they need to provide you with some free stuff in order for you to support their project. On a personal note, if the world revolves around you, does the sun ever set?