Add liquidity incentive on the SHEN/ADA pair

Minswap and Wingriders have attracted a lot of TVL on SHEN/ADA and DJED/ADA pairs. Sundaeswap got lost behind as there should have been incentive for users providing liquidity from the launch. It has been demonstrated that the DJED smart contract works so now the risk of interacting with those pairs should be less.
Are you for adding incentives for liquidity providers of SHEN/ADA and DJED/ADA pairs?


Incentives are good to attract users but, my concerns are this: incentives provided by who? incentives in SUNDAE? a proposal should be clear on this matter

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Thank you for engaging with the governance process, that’s exactly what it’s for!

Please make sure you follow our recently adopted rules and procedures.

This proposal doesn’t seem ready for a temperature check: It needs more detail (exactly how much emissions does this warrant, how should it be calculated and balanced between the two pools, etc.).

Once it is ready for a temperature check, it should come with a poll for people to express interest so it can be created as an official proposal on the sundae governance portal.

I’ve moved this to the “DAO Discussion” category, where it can be discussed and refined by the community.

Put this idea up for a proposal vote please so we can vote on the matter

I believe we need more details and a proper temperature check. What type of incentives? Who would provide them? Where would the liquidity come from? Thanks for starting the conversation .


Agree with Annie. Someone has to be wanting to provide the liquidity to the pool before the DAO should consider adding incentives (i.e., a rewards program).

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I am a simple user of Sundaswap DEX so I cannot provide more details on how exactly incentive structure should be. Maybe liquidity providers could farm Sundae tokens? Standard APR is nowdays around 30%? Other kind of incentive structure proposals should I guess come directly from Coti and I cannot speak for them, i guess it would have been better if they came here and made this proposal.

Create a proposal if you would like this