Add governance FORUM button/link on sundaswap website

I always have problems navigating to sundaswap governance forum. It feels as if this was done on purpose so not a lot of people can access Sundaswap governance discussions.
I propose that has an extra button which would lead to governance forum
Currently on dex website there is a link to governance portal however getting to forum is kind of hidden.
Also on there is a button for “Recent update” which leads to news which are older than the sundaswap launch. This is terrible in my view as it looks as if dex is dead and nobody worked on sundaswap since than. I propose either to remove this button or regulary update the content under that tab.

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This is a great suggestion, thank you;

We’re currently working on rebuilding the website, to re-launch it with the v2 UI, which incorporates these suggestions, but it’s probably still worthwhile to add these to the website that’s there now as a stopgap.