Proposal for sunsetting the ISO/Reverse ISO rewards program

The ISO/Reverse ISO has crossed the year threshold, and I believe it’s time for the DAO to consider sunsetting the program. This will be a good incentive for the participants to pursue their unclaimed rewards and also clear the way for new reward programs.

Should the SundaeSwap DAO bring to a close the ISO/Reverse ISO program on March 31st, 2023 and reclaim the remaining Sundae tokens that have not been claimed?

EDIT[Admin]: Viddie has asked me to edit this post to update the sunset date to November 30th.

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Personally, I feel like March 31st is too soon. RISO rewards and the claiming portal have only been available since December, and we’ve suggested to people that the DAO would likely give a long notice.

We also still have wallets that have no path to claiming (either Yoroi only recently fixing the relevant bugs and not supporting hardware wallets, or outstanding issues in other wallets, or Daedalus having no CIP connector at all).

The DAO still has a large treasury, and this wouldn’t be a huge windfall, so I don’t feel this is urgent.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate for this proposal to have a well advertised expiration of November 30th instead, which would give a very long runway to claim rewards and honor our commitment, but still also reclaim them eventually and free SundaeSwap Labs from the burden of operating the portal.


I agree on sunsetting the ISO/RISO rewards program but March seems a bit too soon, happy to have November instead, that would give people enough time to claim and also time to even advertise it on the DEX so no one can say they were not warned!


I agree that it’s fitting to put a deadline on the claiming. This will incentivize whoever still hasn’t claimed, and we can move forward with a clean slate. To leave it open would be a mistake, I feel like anybody who cares about the project has had plenty of time to claim already. I’d love to go into V2 almost like a relaunch, and to be able to propose new ideas along with the community and use the treasury wisely so we can all realize the full potential of the project.


Happy to change the end date to November. I just think it’s important that we have a concrete end date.


That’s a fair compromise, that would give everyone just under 2 years in total to claim. Sounds good!

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I so agree with this. There was so much drama and some negativity in the V1 launch. A “relaunch” would provide a welcome closing to the first chapter of Sundaeswap. I do seem to remember that people were assured plenty of time to claim and 3 months is too soon to close it out. November is fine. One full year, nobody can come back and complain that they did not have time to claim. Good compromise imo


Happy with the new date and voted yes. Cheers.

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Really good idea let’s use our resources for other

This proposal has passed it’s on chain vote.

Locking this temperature check from future discussion.