Higher APR for Sundae/Ada Pair

I think the sundae pair apr should be slightly higher than the other 2 pairs. sundae is the main pair and has a much higher volatility due to yield farming. you can lower the other 2 a little bit and make it little higher for sundae pair. every DEX that I used so far the main pair is always the highest APR!


i think like you more risk more apr


yes I agree partially, sundae/ada pool should have higher apr. more apr will bring more new investors to sundaeswap :muscle: :+1:


Originally the :ice_cream: / ₳ split was 90% but now they made it weighted based on the amount of ₳ staked…I liked the 90% share or 450,000 per day % share of the farm…Yes, incentives are needed for the :ice_cream: LP providers that get dumped on by the other farms…


This should have been the case from the get go in my opinion, other DEX’es do this as well. I think there should be an additional incentive to LP Sundae vs the other tokens like WMT and LQ. Put this to a vote with a proposed APR % increase.


Sundae/Ada pare needs more apr ir sundae gonna lose to much value


yet another proposal “just give us more money”. I’m against.

sundae needs more apr or more farms whit other coins

Replied to another temp check but any specific thoughts? Do you propose to weigh it by TVL, amount staked? Ideas?

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you make no sense! what doesn’t make sense is the main pair having the same apy as LQ, WMT etc.

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I mean … we propose really anything that causes utility … anything

Anything …

Litterally anything


Since the reward is trapped in the contract until the end of 30 days, it kills the ability to compound your interest by being able to remove your reward and then introduce it back into the DEX as added liquidity. This would couple nice with and give more incentive to keep Sundae/ADA pair & increase liquidity over time. This would be a very symbiotic process.
1- Contract allows rewards to be accessed ever 24 hours.
2- Contract automatically compounds reward amount into all future rewards during lock period.
3- increased APR % for higher Liquidity Providers.
4- Use smaller bracket sizes of APR % increases to incentivize longer Liquidity Hodling on DEX due to perceived continued increases of compounded interest over time.

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I’m not convinced on the need to give weight to sundae/ada vs the current iteration. the sundae/ada pools on sundaeswap already have the highest TVL on any dex, and provide the best YF rewards available on the marketplace.

why more?