Cleaner structure and navigation inside Sundae DEX


I have few suggestions to improve User Experience at Sundae DEX.

  1. ‘Home’ section should serve as a mission control / dashboard (currently it weirdly shows a list of LPs, some tokens are flying on top… not sure what is the concept). Instead ‘Home’ should have such things as (1) TVL at Sundae DEX, total Cardano TVL (2) Cardano ecosystem tokens prices live feed (3) News (e.g. latest most popular proposals / temperature check, updates from the team)

  2. ‘Swap’ - the fields for tokens in both cases (from / to) should have drop down list of all tokens available for swaps (NOT ONLY WHICH YOU HAVE IN YOUR WALLET!!!). Plus whenever you choose the pair, you should also see the price chart for this pair to understand what rate was in the past.

  3. ‘Liquidity’ - here you should have the list of all LPs (instead of ‘Home’) and here you can choose which pool you would like to contribute to. It is still not clear why Sundae allows to create separate pools for the same pair of tokens (e.g. there are 4-5 MELD/ADA pools… why? it seems to be inefficient use of resources + this is just messy

Thank you


We should be showing off part of our new UI at the end of the month which I think you will appreciate, given the concerns you’ve outlined here :slight_smile: