Changing the unlock period for harvesting

Since the reward is trapped in the contract until the end of 30 days, it kills the ability to compound your interest by being able to remove your reward and then introduce it back into the DEX as added liquidity. This would couple nice with and give more incentive to keep Sundae/ADA pair & increase liquidity over time. This would be a very symbiotic process.
1- Contract allows rewards to be accessed ever 24 hours.
2- Contract automatically compounds reward amount into all future rewards during lock period.
3- increased APR % for higher Liquidity Providers.
4- Use smaller bracket sizes of APR % increases to incentivize longer Liquidity Hodling on DEX due to perceived continued increases of compounded interest over time.

Yeah, I think this needs to be done to compete with other dex’s

As my harvests age I am moving my tokens to other DEX (the one not named Sundae Swap). When SS can match features I will be happy to return liquidity. Until then, I just go with the team that works more in my favor. I don’t sit with any tribe, I’m in it for the money.

I agree, I think there will be enough liquidity staked in the protocol even with weekly or daily harvesting of your LP interests.

I’m surprised the SUNDAE lockup is still there. I thought it would be removed by now given the setup on MS.

i agree with this, the earning % of locking for 30days should be higher then flexible or locking 15 days (example)

i think it would be neat to remove the 30 day lock as the standard requirement for yield farming, and allow yield farming with no period of time required for rewards.

that said, i think it be cool to have options to lock your liquidity into smart contracts in different time intervals (e.g. 24 hours, an epoch, 30 days, 1 year, etc) with a correspondent increase in rewards as the period of time gets longer.

this way liquidity providers are still incentivized to provide liquidity for longer periods of time, while allowing folks to mitigate risk and provide liquidity/yield farm in the short term as well in the same way competing dexes on Cardano have done.

i’d venture to guess that any such change would want to be addressed/implemented after the initial 6 month yield farming program has elapsed.