Adding Sundae tokens to LP pools

I would like to discuss adding utility to SS tokens that is a two step phase, for example:

Stage 1, you stake your SS tokens to a chosen set of pools, by doing so you increase the rewards earned through YF for these pools, ie staking increases your YF by 1-10% in APR small but something to incentivize and be able to build enough SS in the pool to eventually have the potential to wrap that coin and create a trading pool between SS and the non ADA coin in the pool.

Stage 2, once the amount of SS tokens in a pool(s) is large enough, initiate the ability to trade SS for that token without having to trade for ADA in-between.

This would allow for the elimination of the extra fees for the swap to ADA and providing a direct route to exchanging tokens on the site and creating a value add to SS token holders on the site and creating a less expensive method of swapping. There can be a fee/arbitrage between the pair to put back into the pool and create more value to the pool as well or can be an incentive to hold or buy SS tokens as this could be a discount in trading fees within the DEX.