Reward hodlers of SS tokens

There should be a simple rule to make SS tokens valuable: the more you hold, the more you earn on SS dex, period! In this way the number of your SS tokens boosts your gains. The more SS tokens you have the higher % on SS dex you get. There is a constant pressure to buy SS tokens to earn more and more and more…


Adding an incentive to buy and hold Sundae will definitely be a good idea. It gives the token added utility and value. According to their announcement, the team is working on a few new exciting things that will be ready to ship soon. I’m cautiously optimistic.


The extra earnings have to come from somewhere, so presumably this means that the average person would earn less. The whales who own a lot of Sundae would get a share of everyone else’s earnings.

I’m not saying that makes it a bad idea… just needs to be considered.

How’s the average person doing now? Futher, how do we know that whales are even holding? I’ve never understood the concern over what someone else might make. The issue is keeping Sundae going. I am by no means a whale, but if whales doing better makes Sundae do better, then that’s better for me, and for everyone else. It doesn’t have to be zero sum.

It does have to be zero sum. There is a finite amount of rewards to give out. If you are increasing the rewards for whales, you are by definition decreasing the rewards for everyone else.

Maybe one day there will be some “SocialistSwap” DEX where really smart people do all the work, create something valuable, and give it away freely to proletariat who feels that they are entitled to same type of gains as those who invest (read risk) more than they are able/willing. Until such day, I don’t think that projects should punish their large investors. That’s just my 2 cents. Maybe I’m wrong and you are right.


Nothing in my post even suggested a course of action, much less punishing large investors or any kind of socialism.

This topic proposes to reward large investors and glosses over the fact that this would be at the direct expense of small investors. I’m simply pointing that out. The fact that you are getting defensive and calling me a socialist simply for pointing out a mathematical fact is beyond absurd.

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Zero sum = someone wins AT THE EXPENSE of another, hence their is no overall gain. That is not at all what the proposal would do. Your failure to understand how this works would apply to the finite world as well, yet we seem to keep producing more value. Even on your own terms the proposal isn’t zero sum. Not all the tokens have been distributed, so no one is losing because long term holders gain more. The proposal is to reward long term holders (hodlers) taking on risk. Sundaeswap has many options ahead of it to create more value, so keeping investment in the token actually expands the overall value, which rewards ANY sundae token holder, big or small. Your knee jerk reaction has raced ahead of the consequences of the proposal.

The more you risk the more you may potentially earn sure. I don’t think rewarding the wealthy for being wealthy is the way to go.

how about before we reward the largest holders of tokens, we start with auto-compounding or adding sundae to other pools to increase YF yields…

This was April fools?

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