Adding function that shows a summary of earned LP transaction fees

In order to improve the user experience and especially the ease of using SundaeSwap and providing liquidity on it, I would really love a function that shows a summary of earned LP transaction fees per trading pair. To my knowledge, the previous summary of earned LP transaction fees in the “withdrawal” page that was on the testnet, didn’t make it to the mainnet.

What do you think?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, yes, yes. I’m relatively new to LP’s and feel uneasy that I have no idea how much benefit I’m gaining from providing liquidity in my pairs.

This would be a welcome addition to SS.


yes, great idea. Also APR from collected fees could be shown on main page, just as APR for farming sundae is.


And more than only “fees”, It will be nice to show also the “impermanent loss” of your Liquidity Pool, because as the end all the providers are calculating these every time that they want to check it. Just to save time to people


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