Accurate listing in popular market watch websites i.e., CoinMarketCap


Market watch websites such as Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko serve to showcase tokens across multiple crypto block chains. Having an accurate price feed and tokenomics on these websites is essential to attracting new interested investors, allowing Sundae to grow in TVL and daily volume. As it stands, the information on the two websites mentioned above is inaccurate and not representative of where Sundae stands among the various competing DEXs within the ADA ecosystem.

The Sundae Swap team shall engage Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko team and to determine the fee required to accurately list Sundae Swap. Once that fee/price is determined, the community will vote on execution of payment.

Voting options:
-Vote yes to allow the Sundae to re-engage with Coin Market Cap and determine the price of accurate listing
-Vote no remain listed as we are currently

  • Are you interested in Sundae Swap paying a fee to Coin Market Cap for accurate price listing?
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I’ve moved this to DAO Discussion, as it’s not really at the quality / format we expect of temperature checks;

That being said, it’s also not clear what here is actionable; We’ve reached out to both CMC and CoinGecko before, and it’s not that they’ve given us a price and we weren’t willing to pay it (though that would probably also be true); it’s that they were unresponsive. If you have a contact at these companies that is willing to talk to, we’re happy to talk to them. CoinGecko has been somewhat more responsive than CoinMarketCap, but it still takes a huge amount of effort to get them to respond to the most basic messages.