Yield Farming Clarification


Recently, This proposal was put to a vote on the DAO, with Both Changes being selected.

However, the proposal itself was deficient in several details needed to implement the proposal. Sundae Labs has done its best to implement this proposal, but would like to host a second, 3 day vote to ratify the exact implementation and settings in the proposal.


Sundae Labs, in accordance with the previous proposal, would like to:

  • Add settings to the calculation for “EligibleAssets”, “EligiblePairs”, “DisqualifiedAssets”, and “DisqualifiedPairs”
    • This allows us to enable/disable specific pools, but specific assets and pairs of assets from the calculation.
  • Add a “FixedEmissions” setting to the calculation
    • This is a map from pool to number of tokens
    • These pools will be distributed exactly this number of tokens, regardless of the delegation they’ve received, and delegation to these pools will be considered an abstention.
  • Add an “EmissionsCap” setting to the calculation
    • This is a fixed number of tokens, and any pool (other than the fixed emissions pools) that would receive above this number of tokens will be removed from that days emissions.

The exact implementation of the algorithm is open source, and the exact implementation of the settings above can be seen on GitHub, here.

Additionally, after this vote has concluded and tallied, the settings for the Sundae yield farming program would be updated as follows:

  • ADA/SUNDAE would be added to the “DisqualifiedPairs”, so that any ADA/SUNDAE pool is disqualified and would be considered an abstention.
  • Add Pool 08 (the highest TVL ADA/SUNDAE pool) to the “fixed emissions” map, with a fixed emission of 133234.5 SUNDAE per day (which is 30% of the current daily emission, 444115)
  • Set the EmissionsCap parameter to 62176.1 (which is 14% of the current daily emission, 444115)


Please indicate in the poll below whether you would like to see this as an on-chain vote.

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With two votes to expedite this proposal from the Sundae Governance Moderators, I’m going to create the on-chain proposal for this:

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The on-chain proposal has been created here: