Onchain Treasury Implementation for the Sundae DAO

Hi guys, this is a temperature check to advance the discussion we had here: Implementing a Community Owned and Operated Treasury - #10 by Crypto.lion


This temperature check is gathering community sentiment on whether the Sundae DAO should leverage the Clarity Protocol to operate an Agora-based DAO to govern a treasury at the launch of v3.


The Clarity Protocol leverages Agora, an open source and audited governance and treasury management framework built specifically for Cardano projects. For more Agora information, read here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

This Clarity Protocol will go live at the end of March. Soon after, Sundae could launch its DAO. Over time, the DAO can play a larger and larger role in the Sundae ecosystem. The percentage of v3 protocol revenue should eventually increase from 25% to 100%. In the future, Sundae’s protocol parameters could also be controlled by the DAO, along with the existing Sundae Treasury.


The on-chain poll we intend to create

  • Vote Yes, protocol fees only to establish a Clarity DAO treasury, and use that as the “Treasury Address” when Sundae v3 launches
  • Vote Yes, protocol fees and 1m SUNDAE to establish a Clarity DAO treasury, use that as the “Treasury Address”, and deposit up to 1m SUNDAE
  • Vote Yes, protocol fees and 10m SUNDAE to establish a Clarity DAO treasury, use that as the “Treasury Address”, and deposit up to10m SUNDAE
  • Vote No to continue searching for an alternative solution

Please indicate whether you are interested in seeing this go to an on-chain vote.

  • Interested
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I think this would be a really interesting experiment and Sundae would be at the forefront of decentralized governance with it…
Making it Agora means, automatically executing… no more of that “snapshot” voting stuff, where a (centralized) team can or cannot honor the voting result.
And 25% of the treasury is a big enough stake to make it interesting, and safe enough on the other hand to not go overboard in a first attempt…
You’d have my vote for sure!

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I like the approach by initially starting to govern 25% of Sundae’s v3 revenue through the Agora DAO capabilities offered by Clarity protocol. Clarity is taking care of the DAO aspect and Sundae can further focus its energy on DeFi developments and smart contract audits. Win-Win!


I fully back this proposal an excellent choice from a seasoned team

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I’m happy seeing the way this thing is turning out, SundaeSwap being at the forefront of decentralized community governance leveraging Clarity DAO.
Also, the 25% initial start is a great way to kickstart this.