Make limit orders at any price

One important feature I feel is needed is to be able to place limit orders with any price. Let’s say price of X token is 1 ADA currently, and I think it might drop to 0.8 ADA, so I would like place order of 0.8 ADA per X token. But we can’t do that on Sundaeswap currently.

Also I’m not fully sure but is this already possible with the current smart contract and only needs UI changes?

  • Yes add limit orders at any price
  • Only keep Swaps at market price

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Could the Sundae team comment on this?

I think that’s a great idea, but that might end up clogging their queue system? (or have other unwanted side effects)

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About clogging up their queue systems, I believe the first transaction does not involve scoopers, which process the queues. Out of range limit orders will, ofcourse, not be executed until they come in range, hence queues shouldn’t be affected by out of range orders.


Orders with a limit order that are not within range would not be considered in queue as they would be not executable. TBH, we are already working on this and have most of the UI completed. :innocent:


As if this even needed to be asked… :joy::joy:

The SundaeSwap community should be encouraging and kind. No need to mock someone who hasn’t had a chance to scour every post for info like this.


I can’t wait for this. This along with the new speed and ease of use will bring Sundae to the next level.